My birthday

Yes, that’s right.  Today is my birthday, 50th birthday.

I would like to thank Allah for many things (well…everything), among other, chiefly as follows:

1.  Iman Islam. Alhamdullilah, praise  to Allah, after long study, I begin to understand the meaning of ad-diin (religion) and what it means to me.  I thank, especially to Bang Debby Nasution  for guiding me for all these years.

Ilmu (or knowledge) that I have learning from bang Deb, is so much enlighting .

2. My Health Condition, is in good shape. On 25 Dec 2013, I ran 10K for the first time, and it took 1 hours 27 minutes.  Not bad.  It could be better, I promise longer run or faster run.

3.  My family.  I have a lovely wife, and also 4 healthy and brilliant kids.

4. Relatives and Friends, which are wonderful and supporting

Let us remember that we live in dajjal time (he who brings paradise in one hand, and hell in other hand, actualy the paradise is hell, and the hell he offers is paradise.=> time where things are upside down, they call islam as a terror, but actually they them self is a terror, and islam is a peacefull religion).   So i would like to offer dua (pray) for myself, parents, my family, relatives and friends so that they have happiness in this world and hereafter.  Amiin,.


~ oleh zamanakhir pada 28 Desember 2013.

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